About Tina



I began my quest to a healthy lifestyle in 2014. When the scale went past 200lbs I said that’s it something has to change. I have to say the one thing that made me do it and stick to it is mindset. I never understood the saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I was ready and I got to work. I made little changes to my life every week. I started exercising and got hooked. Sometimes I would even do it twice a day. I made sure everyone in my circle was into fitness so I had no choice but to exercise. I now have a new love. Fitness and healthy living. I want to share this and get everyone addicted. It’s a great feeling.  To date I have lost about 55lbs and they won’t be coming back. I want to get rid of 5 more and then I’m sure I will have another quest.

Mindset is where you need to begin in regards to fitness. If you are not mentality ready to work and give it 150% your just wasting your time. My goal is to help you reach all your fitness goals if it to do a pull up, a burpee or run your first 5k race.  Healthy living and making you feel good is my number one goal. Once you have achieved that then we can move on to bigger and better things.



Hazel NYSC member for over 20 years 77 years old says when asked what does she think about Tina’s class.  They are perfect, always inventive, corrects when something is done wrong, caring, pays attention to students and challenging.  She corrects in a positive way so you don’t make people feel bad, is always on time and is the best.


I started training with Tina in hope to loss weight an tone my body. What I achieved with Tina’s help was far more than what I expected. Using weights and various exercises, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Tina is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you may have. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is exceptional. Tina is energetic, fun, committed inspirational and I can’t recommend her enough. – Christina Clayton



Tina motivates her clients like no other trainer I’ve seen before. I’ve never been a morning person, but somehow even after a long night of drinking, I am still motivated the get to the gym bright and early on Saturday and Sunday mornings because she can get me to push myself 110%. Before I started training with Tina, I was pretty lackadaisical with my workouts. Tina provides structure, and makes working out fun. And obviously, I’ve seen amazing results!



Mo Okuwa- Agape fit classes
Oh my where do I start from..Lol
Tina is an amazing fitness instructor/Lifestyle coach. Not only are her classes fun/high energy it targets every part of your body and no matter your fitness level I guarantee you’ll leave at the end of her class feeling awesome. She trains in such a way that her  moves can be incorporated to your day to day activities, now I do stretches in the morning when I wake up without getting out of bed(thanks Tina ) and I am able to workout at home whenever I want.
I appreciate her motivation, encouragement and how she makes you feel like a friend/family.
Training with Tina is the best thing that ever happened to me



NYSC member
Tina is a proven spark plug whether it is 5:45am or a 7pm class. Tina really gets the class going and is a natural motivator. Can’t think of a better thing to do to either start the day or finish it off with one of her inspirational situations. You will have gratitude for her positive attitude !