One of my philosophies is why put off tomorrow what you can do today. I have learned a lot about myself this year. I had a lot of major goals I had to achieve. I kept聽Procrastinating because in my mind it seemed sooo hard. There are 51 days left in this year. How many of your goals did you achieve this year? 聽Stop saying things like “I will call them tomorrow or I will go there next week”. Stop making excuses and being lazy. Be like Nike and just do it.馃挭馃徑馃専馃専鉁ㄢ湪鉁煈嶐煆拣煉煆金煉煆金煉煆金煂燄煂熲湪鉁煉煆金煉煆金煉煆

This has probably been the hardest year for my immediate family. We have gone thru so much but we kept our heads up, smiled, pushed thru and persevered. 聽If you are able to wake up in morning you can achieve anything. 聽Never ask me how is my day because if God wakes me up its ALWAYS a great day.

Have an awesome day. Eat clean, exercise and do something you have never done before.