My Personal Testimony

This post started out as a shout out to a few people in my inner circle but I feel a lot of people need to hear this. The before photo is me over 200lbs and me now about 150 on a good day lol. people need to be grateful for what they have. If your unhappy with a situation change it. Yes I covered up my fat and smiled all the time but inside I was crying. Crying to be fit into clothes, be healthy and fit. This goes for all situations in life. You are in control of how you feel. If you unhappy, sad or mad change your direction. Get up and move. Think of 5 things that make u so happy and excited. Healthy stuff no chocolate ice cream and brownie either. For me Sam smith on Pandora, exercise, scandal, being with my children on a good day. Or just being one with nature. I love you people hit pick it up or I may possible have to drop a few of you. I love u. Muahhh

Think about the 5 people you hang around.
You all are probably similar.


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